Past Cranberry Cup Softball Tournament Champs


2018 Neighborhood Champs:  Highland Village

2018 Open Division Champs:  UPMC

2017 Neighborhood Champs: Bellvue Park
2017 Open Division Champs:  UPMC

2016 Neighborhood Champs: Bellvue Park
2016 Open Division Champs: UPMC (Div A) / MSA (Div B)

2015 Neighborhood Champs: The Crossings
2015 Open Division Champs: Edible Arrangements

2014 Neighborhood Champs: The Crossings
2014 Open Division Champs: Monte Cello's of Cranberry

2013 Neighborhood Champs:  Pinehurst
2013 Open Division Champs:  Grasshoppers Lawn Care

2012 Neighborhood Champs:  Pinehurst
2012 Open Division Champs:  Steve Gilliland Inc. 

2011 Neighborhood Champs: Pinehurst
2011 Open Division Champs: Tix Outlet

2010 Neighborhood Champs: Hunter's Creek

2009 Neighborhood Champs: Oakview

2008 Neighborhood Champs: Avery's Fields

2007 Neighborhood Champs: Seven Fields

2006 Neighborhood Champs: Seven Fields North

2005 Neighborhood Champs: Timberline 

2004 Neighborhood Champs: Seven Fields North

2003 Neighborhood Champs: Hampshire Woods

2002 Neighborhood Champs: Cranberry Heights

2001 Neighborhood Champs: Hampshire Woods

2000 Neighborhood Champs: Pinehurst

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