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Date To Be Announced
Cranberry Park

Congratulations to our Home Run Derby Winners:

1st Place:  Colton Esposito

2nd Place:  Matt Diesel

3rd Place:  Marshall Price


  • Limited to 20 participants

  • Entry fee - $100 or $120 day of the event (If any spots still available)

  • Participant can bring their own pitcher or CUP will provide

  • Participant can use their own bat or CUP will provide (must be ASA certified)

  • Balls will be provided by the CUP

  • Fee can be paid by participant or through sponsors

  • Money raised can be applied to your neighborhood for the Fund Challenge

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  • First Round

    • Each participant will get 10 outs

    • There will be a 5-pitch max between swings

    • An out is considered any swing that does not result in a home run

    • For every additional $50 raised the participant will get 2 extra swings

  • Top 4 advance to the Final round

    • Each participant will get 5 outs

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