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2023 Forsyth Family

On December 4, 2022, 46 year old father of 3, BJ Forsyth was suddenly killed by a drunk driver at the intersection of Rt. 19 and Ehrman Road.  The man who killed BJ was not only drunk, but also high on cocaine when he ran a red light in a rented UHaul and slammed into BJ's car killing him instantly.  Over the past 2 years, Jen and her children worked hard to pick up the pieces of their lives that changed so drastically when they lost BJ.  They have struggled financially and emotionally as BJ was the main bread winner in the family.  They are extremely appreciative of all the Cranberry community has done for them.  They continue to grow strong as a family and continue to piece their lives together.

In addition to helping the Forsyth fmily, the Cranberry CUP also helped a family whose rented townhouse burned in a fire.  The CUP helped them with their lodging at a hotel while helping them find a new home.  Once they were in their new townhouse, the CUP helped purchasse furniture and helped a few other family expenses.  

Once again a scholarship for $2,000 was awarded and many Christmas families were helped in making their holidays brighter.

Becky and Mike.png

2022 Mike Shultz

In 2020, Mike Shultz developed pain in his mouth, which resulted in a biopsy and CT scan.  Mike was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma with HPV+ on his left tonsil and the back of his throat.  In July 2020, Mike had surgery to remove his tonsil and began daily radiation and chemotherapy for 7 weeks.  The treatment caused issues with his throat and neck, and he lost his taste and needed a feeding tube for his nutrition.  For a short while, the cancer seemed to disappear, but in November 2021, Mike had to undergo a 13 hour surgery removing cancer from his mouth and cheek.  He also needed an artery transplant from his right leg to his neck.  A week after surgery, Mike was told they removed most of the cancer, but unfortunately, there was a small piece still remaining in the back of his tongue.  Mike received his last rounds of chemo and radiation treatments on March 25 & 28.  Mike's cancer still remains, and doctors are now trying some experimental treatments to try to shrink or cure the cancer.  Please keep Mike and his family in your prayers as they battle Mike's health issues.

In addition to helping the Schultz family is 2022, the CUP also helped Kathy Maloney purchase a motorized mattress and update her bathroom for handicap accessibility, and helped several families enjoy a Merry Christmas by working with Seneca Valley School District to provide food and gifts for those in need.

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2021 Maciej Kedzierski

A 11 year resident of Cranberry Township and the Pinehurst community, Maciej dedicated his life to helping others as an emergency room doctor.  In March 2021 he found out that he had a mass on his stomach and was diagnosed with Gastric Andenocarcinoma.  Every two weeks for several hours Maciej went to the clinic for chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  Since his diagnosis, he has not been able to work and provide for his wife, Lama and their 5 children. The Cranberry CUP provided financial and emotional support to him and his family over several month, and continues to do so.  Unfortunately, Maciej's illness got the best of him and he passed peacefully at home on February, 3 2022.  Maciej was truly an inspiration to us all with his upbeat attitude and love of life and family.  He will be terribly missed.

Also this year, the CUP helped finish a bathroom that was left undone by a contractor for burn victim who has not been able to work since his accident.  In addition, the CUP helped many families enjoy a  Merry Christmas including a family who lost their mother suddenly around the holidays.


2019 David Pritchard

The Cranberry CUP is pleased to announce that the Pritchard Family (David & Julie, daughter Ashley, and son Justin) from the Grandshire neighborhood of Cranberry Township has been selected as the 2019 Cranberry CUP “Inspirational Family.”  David, 58, has already had one kidney transplant and successfully fended off IGA Neuropathy and a C. diff emergency, plus tongue-and-tonsil cancer and thyroid cancer.  In May 2018 he was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure and has been going through dialysis three days per week.  It was our campaign this year to try and help David find a kidney donor so that he would be on the road to recovery.

Duran family past benef..jpg


Maddox Duran, aka SuperMad, was born with an open neural tube defect called Spina Bifida. At a little less than 24 hours old, he had a corrective surgery to close his lesion. At 5 weeks old, Maddox had a shunt placed on his brain to treat his hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain). He had many periods when he was with little to no oxygen, and periods when he stopped breathing completely. This resulted in him having a Chiari ii malformation decompression surgery at 7 weeks old. They removed the backs of his C1 & C2 vertebrae and shaved some of his suboccipital bone (the back part of his skull) to relieve the pressure. He also has dysgenesis of the Corpus Callosum and Colpocephaly Because he aspirates what he drinks and has severe reflux, he needed to have a Nissen and G Tube surgery at 8 weeks old. With his G Tube, he is able to safely eat. Between all of his neurological disorders and his periods of oxygen deprivation, Maddox has Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). This means that he wants to see, but his brain has trouble making the connections on how to see. The Duran's ultimate goal is to spread awareness of these diagnoses, especially Spina Bifida, and to cheer SuperMad on!  Maddox received his angel wings on May 12, 2021, but his memory will live on in our hearts forever!

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In 2014, Paul Bliss was diagnosed with cancer which led to him losing his right eye.  He also underwent risky surgery to remove cancer from the brain lining of his forehead.  After 6 weeks of radiation, it seemed the cancer was gone.  But in 2016, Paul learned he had cancer in his liver and has been getting treated with chemotherapy.  The Cranberry CUP community helped Paul and his family with financial support so that they could concentrate on Paul's treatment.  Paul continued to bravely fight his cancer and enjoyed life by spending time with his wife Jennifer and four children, Caitlin, Shawn, Natalie, and Carter.  Unfortunately, Paul lost his battle with cancer and died peacefully surrounded by his wife and children on August, 26, 2020.

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Jordan Majcan was our 2016 Inspirational Family. Jordon was severely injured in a car accident in November 2015. The family struggling to take care of Jordan's physical challenges in their small home, so the Cranberry CUP, along with the efforts of the community and local churches helped to relieve their stress by putting a handicap accessible addition on their home, so Jordan could be more independent.



The Popson Family was nominated as our 2015 Inspirational Family. At a young age, Steve had sudden congestive heart failure, which is attributed, in part, to energy drink consumption. Through his ordeal, Steve wanted to alert others of the extreme danger that can be caused by energy drinks. Steve’s condition took away his ability to continue working as a landscaper, and for a time, his wife had to stay home to look after him. The Cranberry CUP community jumped in to support Steve and his family of five in their time of financial stress to help them get back on their feet.

2014 koliscak family photo_0_0.jpg


The Jason Koliscak Family of Cranberry Township was the 2014 Inspirational Family. In 2005, at age 29, Jason was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (chronic liver disease), which eventually resulted in his developing Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). In patients with PSC, the bile ducts become blocked due to inflammation and scarring. This causes bile to accumulate in the liver, where it gradually damages liver cells and causes cirrhosis. PSC may also lead to bile duct cancer, which is what happened in Jason's case. In April 2014, Jason underwent surgery. Doctors found the cancer had spread to both bile ducts that reside in the liver, which is not removable. After further workup and contacting the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and Washington University Hospital (St. Louis, MO), it was determined that he was also not a candidate for liver transplantation. Jason completed chemotherapy as a means to extend time with his family. Jason passed away in July 2016.

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The Kim Long family of Cranberry Township was the 2013 CUP Inspirational Family. Kim Long, a Cranberry native, Seneca Valley graduate and single parent of three was being treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She underwent six cycles of chemotherapy through February of 2013, when it was determined that she would need daily radiation therapy for five weeks. She then went through another six cycles of chemotherapy. Kim is currently scheduled for a stem cell transplant in mid-2014.

header_Cheyannia Marburger 8x10 01.jpg


Cheyannia Marburger of Evans City was the CUP beneficiary in 2012. At age 7, Cheyannia was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. Chey passed away in September 2012 at age 8. Chey is remembered for her smiles and happiness during the Opening Ceremony where she was crowned Little Miss Cranberry CUP by Miss Pittsburgh 2011, Stephanie Scarci. Chey was thrilled at the Kick-off party where she was greeted and accompanied by three Disney princesses during the evening's festivities. In 2012, the CUP was able to help five Seneca Valley families during the holidays.



Cranberry resident Shawn O'Donnell, his wife Tina, and their children Nathan, Alex, Brayden, and Mia served as the Inspirational Family. Shawn was a former Social Studies teacher at Keystone Oaks and a driving education instructor for Seneca Valley School District. Sadly, Shawn passed away in November 2011 after his battle with colon cancer.

We also donated gifts to five families in need from Seneca Valley School District during the holidays.



The Surman Family, Eric, Laura, Aiden, Gavin and Camryn, was selected as the Inspirational Family. The Surman's strength and love inspired many people who participated in the CUP event.


We also donated gifts to six families in need from Seneca Valley School District during the holidays.


During 2010, we also established two scholarships for high school seniors – one for volunteerism and the other in honor of Megan O'Shea Durst for work with children with disabilities.



A Decade of Giving! Generous donations of our community members raised money to benefit the Jimmy Barbarino family

Additionally, due to the long-standing success of the CUP, additional funds were available to provide financial assistance and emotional support to other families within our community during the holidays.



Thirty-nine foursomes (156 participants) competed in the Golf Outing. Approximately 450 people attended the Kick-off Party. Thirty-six neighborhood teams from Cranberry Township along with twenty-four business teams, representing more than 1,000 participants and over 20,000 residents, competed in the softball tournament. The Opening Ceremony was attended by more than 2,000 people. The monies raised from the 2008 events allowed the Cranberry CUP to provide financial assistance and emotional support to families within our community, including Emil Steinmetz while he awaited a heart transplant.



For the first time, the Cranberry CUP acquired sponsors for all three major components of the CUP weekend – the Golf Classic, Kick-Off Party and Softball Tournament. In addition, the CUP expanded its geographic boundary to include potential beneficiaries from within the entire Seneca Valley School District.


The primary beneficiary was the Robert (Bob) Giebel family of Harmony. Bob, who is unable to work because he has multiple sclerosis, lost his wife to cardiac arrest in February 2007. CUP proceeds helped Bob pay off his mortgage and replace a structurally unsafe garage.

Maybee Family_0.jpg


The monies raised by The Cranberry CUP events, including a $40,000 donation from the Rick Restelli Cancer & Heart Foundation, helped the Sherri and Doug Maybee family and seven other local families. Sherri has medical conditions that prevent her from working. The CUP was able to purchase a new home for the family.

Isabelle and Dakota_00_0.jpg


The CUP held the first Golf Classic. Twenty-three neighborhoods and 13 business teams competed in the Classic. The monies raised by The CUP events helped pay for medical costs for 7-year- old Isabella Christenson and 9-year-old Dakota Dore.

Alex Poust_0.jpg


Thirty-six neighborhoods and 12 business/government teams raised $55,000 for 15-year-old Alex Poust. Alex passed away before he was well enough to travel to Texas for a bone marrow transplant.

Kayla Sansone_1.jpg


Thirty neighborhoods and 12 business/government teams raised $40,000 to offset medical costs for Kayla Sansone. The 13-year-old cancer patient passed away three months later in November.

Bob Newton State Trooper_0.jpg


Local businesses and government agencies entered teams in the Softball Tournament for the first time. Twenty-three neighborhood and four business/government teams raised $23,500 for Pennsylvania State Trooper Bob Newton, who was suffering from a rare form of cancer.



Fourteen neighborhoods raised $14,000 for the Children of JoEllen Maughn-Evanson Scholarship Fund. JoEllen was the first female police officer in Cranberry Township who passed away after a long battle with cancer. The event featured the addition of the Kick-Off Party.



Seven neighborhoods competed in the first Cranberry CUP Softball Tournament to raise $3,800 for the American Cancer Society.

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