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2022 & 2023 Fund Challenge Winner:  Bellevue Park


2023 FUND CHALLENGE WINNER:  Bellevue Park

The purpose of the Neighborhood Fund Challenge is to rally around our Inspirational Family, lift their spirits, and show them we care.  We strive to raise as much money as possible to financially assist our Inspirational Family, as well as other families in dire need in our community.

Our Inspirational Families show our entire community that in a matter of minutes, life can drastically change, but that it's possible to exhibit courage, spirit, and determination during life's most difficult challenges.

We need YOU to help us with our Neighborhood Fund Challenge.

The neighborhood that raises the most money through raffle ticket sales and monetary donations will receive the following:


  • Recognition at the Opening Ceremony, Kickoff Party, and on the website

  • Time slot choice for Saturday games

  • Recognition as the neighborhood that "got behind the program" and went all out for our Inspirational Family


The second and third top fundraiser teams will have second and third time slot choice for Saturday games.


So how can you be the neighborhood that raises the most money?  You can accomplish this through raffle ticket sales above the minimum (take them to work, set up a table at Walmart, etc.), asking employers to make a donation, hosting garage sales or block parties.  Pretty much anything that raises money for a good cause...BE CREATIVE!     


When sending in donations, please include a donation form so your neighborhood will receive credit for the donation.


All funds counted toward the competition need to be received by the final rep meeting. 


For additional information contact Anthony Bertolino 724-584-2556 or


Donation Form (PDF)


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