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Congratulations to this year's 2022 Cranberry CUP $2,000 scholarship recipient, Veronica Primenova

     Veronica will be attending Carnegie Mellon University in the fall with an interest

in Computer Science and Cyber security.  She is fluent in Russian, Spanish, and 

Latin and hopes to communicate positive relations between nations while creating

new and safe technology.   Her interest in Cyber security began at age 12 when 

she created and launched her homemade Slime.  Veronica soon found that some-

one had hacked into her account and her online business was gone and thus her

passion in educating students and others about online safety.  In 2021, she 

volunteered for the Steel City Codes summer camp where she continued to 

encourage safe and ethical usage of the internet.  She is the co-founder of

Seneca Valley's Slavic Languages and Visibility club (SLAV) and has led the club's 

participants in Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh's annual

Olympiada of Spoken Russian.  In addition to her love of figure skating, Veronica

is in the National Honor Society and volunteers for many community organizations

and activities.  She is president of the SV Women Exploration in Engineering club

where she advocates for women in computing, a Sigma Xi Explorer finalist in

Chemistry Showcase where she designed a catalyst that can be used to clean

ambient air, taught piano and figure skating lessons to many students, as well

as, collected food for local food banks to name a few. 

     Veronica Pimenova certainly encompasses the characteristics of the 

Crannberry CUP Philanthropic Scholarship. 

Nutch scholarship winner Veronica Primenova.jpg

The Cranberry CUP gives one scholarship to deserving students within the Seneca Valley School District.  This $2,000 scholarship is open to any senior involved in the community who is continuing with higher education after graduation.

Students who attend Seneca Valley High School must apply through the School District's common application.  All other seniors living in the Seneca Valley School District  can apply online here:  APPLY

For questions about scholarships, contact Roy Rudolph at or 724-504-5110.

Past Winners:

Cranberry CUP Philanthropic Scholarship Winners:


  • 2022 Veronica Primnova

  • 2021 Simren Jaraman


  • 2020 Gianna Petrella

  • 2019 Julia Radilla

  • 2018 Allison N. Brazer

  • 2017 Charles Lisella

  • 2016 Sophia Mills

  • 2015 Bailyn Bench

  • 2014 Sarah Chartier

  • 2013 Brennan Bench & Alyssa Mehlhorn

  • 2012 Kaisha Jantsch

  • 2011 Chris McDermott

Megan O'Shea Durst Scholarship Winners:

  • 2017 Katie Corcoran

  • 2016 Danielle Kelly

  • 2015 Paige Williams

  • 2014 Nick Zoria

  • 2012 Ashley Reba

  • 2011 Jeremy Jantsch


Photo by:  Carl Benjamin


Photo by:  Carl Benjamin

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