Congratulations to this year's 2021 Cranberry CUP $2,000 scholarship recipient, Simren Jayaraman.

     Simren will be majoring in chemistry or biochemistry while in college.  She also plans to be in a pre-med track, apply to med school and become a physician.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and Academic Games, as well as, the president of the Medical Careers Club and the secretary for the National Science Honors Society, the Student Advisory Committee, and the Global Leadership Club.  Her community involvement and volunteerism are extensive. She gives back to the community through such things as planning Fun Friday parties for patients in the radiation oncology department at UPMC, providing companionship to end of life patients and sewing bears made from the deceased clothes for the grieving families,  through Hospice, sewing masks to provide workers during Covid-19, through Cranberry Sews It Flat, to mention a few. 

     Sirmen believes that the single most challenge facing society today is division. In her essay she comments, "Resolving extreme division among people can also begin from a young age, as we are never too young to celebrate the differences among us that make us special.  I believe that through communication and discussion we can stop the increasing division within today's society, and thus our house united can stand." 

     Sirmen Jayarman certainly encomposes all the characteristics of the Cranberry CUP Philanthropic Scholarship. 

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The Cranberry CUP gives one scholarship to deserving students within the Seneca Valley School District.  This $2,000 scholarship is open to any senior involved in the community who is continuing with higher education after graduation.

Students who attend Seneca Valley High School must apply through the School District's common application.  All other seniors living in the Seneca Valley School District  can apply online here:  APPLY

For questions about scholarships, contact Roy Rudolph at or 724-504-5110.

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